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Translating Dash Docs into German

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Last year I translated parts of the Dash documentation on docs.dash.org into German. I got compensated for this task by DCG, but after the price decline in November the budget didn’t allow for continuous funding of this project. Now I would like to resume work with the help of a Dash Boost proposal.

Why is German an important language for Dash?
If you look at the number of entries per country on DiscoverDash you can see that Germany and Austria are both in the Top 5. The German speaking crypto community is very Dash friendly and the upcoming integration into Bitcoin.de (https://twitter.com/bitcoin_de/status/1108344493579866112) will greatly increase the relevance of Dash in the region.

What is my history with Dash?
I got into Dash in 2016 because I like privacy and I preferred Dash over Monero from the beginning because of its ease of use. Since mid 2017 I have translated both the old (partially) and the new website, the most recent versions of the Dash Core, Android and iOS wallets, press releases from DCG, Dash News articles and everything related to the Dash Embassy D-A-CH (also from German to English, e.g. here: https://github.com/dashpay/docs/raw/master/binary/presentations/Dash_Meetup_Presentation_EN.pdf). In addition, I have managed customer support and Social Media for the Dash Embassy D-A-CH.
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“The Dash Boost proposal that offered an Arabic translation of the Dash documentation was fraudulent and used Google translate. How can we verify your translation?”
Compared to Arabic it is easy to look at a German translation and to determine if it is fully or partially a Google translation, even if you don’t speak German. There are also many German-speaking community members that could verify this, and I never heard a complaint about any translation I have done over the past two years. Strophy, who manages the translations for DCG, speaks German himself, so he can supervise this translation very accurately. I have also met German-speaking community members personally and they can verify my identity.

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