Proposal Funded

Building Awareness and Content for Dash in Iran

Title: Building Awareness and Content for Dash in Iran
Proposed By: Saleh
Funding Requested: 6.00000000
Category: Marketing
Payment Address: XhDR1Rx2PDLLsfDMTWxTbv1HBvHZtv2fTP
Vote Count: 26435 Yes / 16524 No / 5 Abstain
Will Be Funded: Proposal was funded
Cycle Info: 15 Oct 2018 - 31 Oct 2018
Date Submitted 01 Nov 2018
Project Summary

Objective: Creating awareness for Dash in Persian-speaking countries (Iran and Afghanistan)

Note: This proposal is being resubmitted. It was passing comfortably in the last cycle before being voted down at the last minute - we believe it deserves a fair vote due to the unique potential Dash can offer in Iran.

In many ways similar to Venezuela, Iran is one of the growing number of countries suffering from a high rate of inflation and devaluation of its national currency, and foreign currency exchange is difficult for normal people to access. As a result, many people prefer to change their savings into something more valuable. There is also good infrastructure available for communication and e-commerce. By March 2018, 53 million users in Iran had access to mobile Internet, which is a significant number for a developing country.

Afghanistan is another Persian-speaking country. Although it does not have a very high inflation, many of its people do not have access to banking services. Nations of both these two Persian-speaking countries can use Dash to solve their problems.

Dash is the only cryptocurrency in the world with both a website and a functioning mobile app available in Persian today. This is thanks to Ali, one of my friends in Australia, is working with DCG to translate these things in Persian. This proposal is intended to complement and build on that initial work by spreading information about Dash in a way that is accessible to Persian speakers.

Escrow: If passed, this project will be escrowed (though not endorsed) by @pasta

Project Scope Statement
Project Purpose / Business Justification

The aim of the project is to promote Dash as a better alternative to fiat currency and payment methods for Persian-speaking individuals. Although Dash has some undeniable advantages over Bitcoin (e.g. faster transactions, lower fees, etc.), Iranians mainly know about bitcoin and are interested to invest in buying bitcoin or mining it. Improving Dash awareness can eventually increase its adoption through more wallet install, more merchants, more miners and even masternodes.

We will use this fund to cover the cost of our project as follows:

  1. Translating and adding subtitle to 7 Videos about Dash: (total 6797 words)* ($ 0.06 per word) =$ 400
  2. Translating an introductory article about Dash: (total 1500 words)* ($ 0.06 per word) =$ 90
  3. Registering a domain name and hosting for 2 years: $60
  4. Designing a simple website and adding the contents: $200
  5. Promoting the website and videos via Persian social bookmarking websites, Persian video hosting services (since Youtube is blocked here) and Persian cryptocurrency forums*: $50
It comes to $800 (about 5 Dash) plus 1 Dash as proposal reimbursement

* all videos and the website will be promoted on Arznegar free of charge

Note: Although not endorsed, this proposal is being escrowed by Pasta. This proposal asks for 6 Dash. 1 Dash will be transferred on passing. 2.5 Dash will be transferred after 7 videos are completed, and the other 2.5 will be transferred after the website is launched with its contents. This has been done to ensure that the community doesn't have to worry about have trusting the recipient.

Objectives (in business terms)

What are the advantages and benefits for Dash?

Since crypto-aware People in Iran mainly know about Bitcoin, there is a suitable condition to make them familiar with Dash, which does not have all those problems of Bitcoin (high fees, long validation time, etc.) High access to smart phones and the Internet, high number of educated people and bad condition of national currency are factors which can draw attention of the Iranian to Dash and increase adoption rate.

Key Deliverables

More awareness of Dash can lead to an increase in number of installed wallets, number of miners and even masternodes. My specific deliverables are:

  • Subtitling 7 Videos about Dash in Persian
  • Launching a Persian website with links to Dash videos, wallets and social media
  • Creating an introductory article about dash in Persian for this website
  • Promoting these contents and website
Success Criteria

The videos will be considered launched when Persian subtitles are available live on YouTube and Persian video hosting services. The website will be considered launched when it is online with the specified content. Since this is an initial launch, we will additionally give a detailed report about statistics of users’ engagement (visits, retweets, repost, etc.). This report can be used to target Persian-speaking individuals better for the next similar projects.

Net Votes: + 9911
Project Manager:

Saleh Sepehrifar

Team Members:


I am founder and admin of Arznegar. It is a Persian website, covering cryptocurrency and blockchain news, analysis and tutorials. Currently it has about 1.5K unique visitors. it has also the 2nd rank in Google search for the Persian equivalent of “cryptocurrency”. Arznegar has also a Telegram Channel and Twitter account which users join to follow our latest news and articles.

We have already published different articles about Dash including the following links:

  1. What is Dash?
  2. Why the people of Venezuela love Dash
  3. MyDashWallet Persian support
  4. Dash now accepted by 3000 merchants worldwide
  • I have advised DCG member strophy with contacts and technical help to release and the mobile wallets in Persian
  • I have also worked voluntarily with MyDashWallet to add Persian to its supported Languages
  • I have also created Wikipedia page in Persian for Dash
Major Known Risks
Unclear policies of the Iranian government toward cryptocurrencies
Communication Strategy
We will communicate with the sponsor via Dash Forum, Dash Discord and reporting back to the escrow partner Pasta every 2 weeks.


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8 months ago

q: how is the votes at 5173? that many people voted in the less than 24 hours since the proposal has been created?

8 months ago

oh ok , in looking at voter reg , its 1 vote for each 1 dash unit

8 months ago

Would be great to have further expansion of DASH to the Arab world.

8 months ago

The benefits of this are obvious, I would like to see this work done and so I am voting YES on this one, good luck!

8 months ago

I vote yes.

8 months ago

Definitely yes, they have done a great job and without a doubt it is a great initiative.

8 months ago

Can you provide the urls of the videos that are going to be translated ?

8 months ago

would love to see this proposal funded. Since, like my proposal, we were aware of the budget that exists. And in this way by not asking for the maximum of Dash. We can finance more than 6 proposals if this or my proposal is accepted. Currently only 5 proposals will be financed, of which 3 nobody has ever heard of these people or communities. If this proposal happens. There would be 6 projects that can be financed. And we would be counting on 4 proposals that are of recognized people and with demonstrable work in the community.